Foundation that supports people diagnosed with Gyrate Atrophy.

We are a non profit organization with the purpose of giving support to people suffering from gyrate atrophy, sharing the hope of preserving vision. 

Our goal is to inform the family members about the disease and its treatment, make the medical community aware of the existence of gyrate atrophy, and obtain statistical information about gyrate atrophy in Mexico in order to encourage research about it.

Doctors that support us:

  Dr. Rodrigo Matsui Serrano 

  Dr. Juan Carlos Zenteno 

Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology. Institute of Ophthalmology Foundation Conde de Valenciana National. Autonomous University of Mexico. Post-doctoral Research Fellowship, Retina - Inherited Retinal Degenerations,
Scheie Eye Institute, University of Pennsylvania, 2014-2016.


Medical Surgeon graduated from Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco. He completed the Specialty in Medical Genetics at the General Hospital of Mexico. Master's Degree (1999) and Doctorate (2004) in Medical Sciences at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

More information:

Juan Manuel Jiménez-Sierra, MD

Chief of Electrophysiology and Psychophysics Service of Retention of the Association for the Avoidance of Blindness in Mexico, Hospital "Dr. Luis Sánchez Bulnes" and Physician assigned to the Retina and Vitreous Service. Professor of Postgraduate in Ophthalmology and the specialty of Retina and Vitreous. (UNAM) Graduated from the School of Medicine UNAM (1975-1980). He performed the specialty of Retina Electrophysiology at the University of Southern California (USC) at the Doheny Estelle Ophthalmological Institute (1986-1987).

 Dra. Rocío Blanco Garavito 

Chief of Clinical Assistant Specialist in Ophthalmology CHI Créteil - Reference Center for Rare Diseases - Macula Referendum GRC. Retina Medical Scholarship, CHIC Créteil, Créteil, France University Diploma "Exploration of Visual Function" Paris Diderot University .

What motivates us?

We know that living with Gyrate Atrophy is not easy; reading with magnifying glasses, carrying a lamp to see at night, not being able to drive, not being able to distinguish the faces of people in more than 3 meters from you; truly is a challenge of daily life.

Therefore, we are concerned that you have a monitoring of your disease, and that your visual quality does not continue deteriorating;  likewise, see the possibility that your entire body works in the right way.



We would like to recognize the great work that  conquering gyrateatrophy is doing by sharing with the world  more insights and research about this terrible disease 




 Dra. Linda Alejandra Cernichiaro

She studied Medicine at the University of Guadalajara, specialized in Ophthalmology with the Subspecialty in Retina and Vitreous in the Association to Avoid Blindness in Mexico. International Fellowship in Pediatric Retina, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute- International Council of Ophthalmology. He currently works at the Angeles Hospital in Mexico City .

Did you identified with our cause?

All the help is welcome

We really appreciate your support.

First Activities

On April 17, 2018, we had the first meeting, both partners and collaborators, coordinating the role of each nutritionist specialist, ophthalmologist, pediatrician and geneticist; in order to carry out a multidisciplinary management that improves the quality of health in patients diagnosed with Gyrate Atrophy. Also, the administrative management that we will have to accomplish with our objective as Fundación Mexicana de Atrofia Girata was commented.


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