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Encourage basic and clinical research on Gyrate Atrophy to make a timely diagnosis in order to provide early treatment that decreases the progression of visual loss and improves the prognosis of the disease to improve the quality of life of patients.



To be a national and international reference institution, leader in the dissemination of current knowledge of the Gyrate Atrophy both in the medical and social fields and in the care procedures.



  • ​Provide a comprehensive service giving attention to family members that allows them to understand the dimensions of the disease and can generate an environment that contributes to improving the health of patients.

  • Through nutritionists emphasize the diet of patients by providing dietary treatment accessible to their economy.

  • Have medical personnel specialized in Girata Atrophy that allows them to carry a strict protocol of the disease.

  • Periodically publicize the statistics of new cases in Mexico and Latin America, thus creating worldwide awareness of the importance of attending to this disease.

> Give information about Gyrate Atrophy.
> Facilitate access with experts in inborn errors of metabolism.
> Facilitate access to the Amino Acid-Modified Medical Food nonessential Amino Acid-free, to compensate the diet.
> Give recipes of dishes that motivate you to follow the diet.
> Facilitate your studies.
> Collect data about the disease.
> Informative lectures about Gyrate Atrophy to ophthalmology students.
> Topics of therapeutic follow-up to retinologists.
> Facilitate your access with geneticists, who have experience with Gyrate Atrophy.
> Educational videos for relatives.
> Consultation with knowledgeable geneticists of the disease
 Tell us about your experience 

If you want to talk to the community about your experience in the topic of gyrate atrophy, whether as a doctor, family member or patient, go ahead! We are here to listen and support you, your story could be of help to others who are new to the subject.

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