Present at the Fourth National Forum on Rare Diseases at the Senate of the Republic for the "February 28 International Day of Rare Diseases"


Fundación Mexicana de Atrofia Girata is part of the National Alliance for Rare Diseases ANER. We together fight for your well-being. 

ANER (Alianza Nacional por las Enfermedades Raras)

We appreciate the space and the inclusion of the events within the framework of the International Day of Rare Diseases, the invitation to the lighting of the Chamber of Deputies and Congress of the Union. We had a conversation with Deputy Emmanuel Reyes Carmona President of the Health Commission and Deputy Teresa Castell of the Health Commission,  who were open to work together proposals and initiatives with us NGOs in favor of people with rare diseases. 

Fundación Mexicana de Atrofia Girata was present in the Federal Chamber of Deputies at the National Forum for February 28, rare disease day. 2022.