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On March 29, 2021, a meeting was held with Lic. Mónica Mieres Hermosillo, Head of the Coordinating Unit for Linking and Social Participation, Lic. Colomba Nettel Cruz, Director of Analysis of Citizen Organizations, Dr. Patricia Hernández and Mariana Terán.

Ver más allá de lo posible

Fundación Mexicana de Atrofia Girata A.C., will be hosting the first event for patients with degenerative and hereditary diseases of the retina. People with this condition, due to a birth problem, are gradually losing their vision.
Date: 4 to 6 of november, 2021.
Ver más allá 1.jpg
We invite you to the event "Ver más allá de lo posible":

Help us fight for the eyesight of Imanol and Julio

These brothers were born with gyrate atrophy and nned a medicine called  Cyclinex 2. With your help, their vision of the future could be more promising, help us to improve their conditions.
Imanol y Julio.png

Happy new year!

Thank you for your support!
This 2021 we were able to Raise funds for research done by the University of Pennsylvania on a possible cure for gyrate atrophy at the university, create bonds between families, host events and help a lot of people.

Ver más allá de lo posible: Evento Completo.

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